"We can get through difficult times together with our partners and others who understand."

Jackie's Story

We're Other Halves, and we bring dementia carers together.

"I had a husband who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I found there was and still is very little support to help partners to deal with the burden; there is plenty of advice and information, plenty of understanding of dementia sufferer’s needs but little to help carers with their needs.  
It can be very isolating and depressing saying goodbye to the life we knew together before Alzheimer's and tedious living with someone who had a decreasing memory. Carers live with limited yesterday and no tomorrow, it is difficult to make plans. We live in the moment.
I was fortunate to have the support of friends and family which was invaluable; but increasingly I felt the need to be with others who understood the pressures. So the idea of Other Halves began to grow. Just a bunch of us without professional support, sharing the making of memories and enjoying being together and doing all those things that make life feel good. If you are in a similar situation or just want to talk about dealing with dementia please feel free to contact us or come and join us"

Designer's Words

“I've had recent experience of helping my wife care for her mother who had Dementia. It is truly a very cruel disease and not just for those afflicted with it. Everything that Jackie has said above along with those shared feelings from in and outside the group is absolutely true. I can't stress how hard it can be on the carers, be they relatives or otherwise but to have a group like Other Halves to spend time and thoughts with provides a welcome relief."

"Too many people face Dementia alone."

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