"Partners and relatives have very different feelings and experiences when their partner is first diagnosed with dementia."

Shared Feelings

Just imagine how it would feel dealing with someone you have known and loved for years who now has dementia. Below are just a few of many feelings drawn from both inside and many people outside our group.

"Life will never be normal again… what’s normal? This is now normal."

"I just feel exhausted and alone, dreadfully alone."

"I want a companion; I want her back."

"We have spent our whole lives together, I am feeling so lost."

"I don’t want to talk about it, I just want to be with people who get it, who understand… can be there … with me."

"Many of us feel angry and frightened faced with the challenges of a loved one with dementia. We are told they can live a good life, it means living in the moment. How do you do that"?

"Other Halves offers friendship and understanding. We plan social events together, we want to make the most of our time together… with all its difficulties."

Other Halves, by Brian Pentelow

We all have a different story. Situations are not the same.

We’re not seeking any glory. We’re not looking for any fame.

Feelings, worries that we all face. There’s just a need we have to share.

What would you do in my place? Other Halves, people that do care

There are no easy solutions. Nothing simple that can be planned.

No rights, no resolutions. Just a message “we understand” .

As we pass through every passage. No self-pity, no “It’s not fair!”.

Collective of folks that message. Other Halves, people that do care.

A cup of tea, a slice of cake . A gathering for a little chat.

An effort to ease the heartache. A moment’s rest from feeling flat .

All of us endure some hardship. But these folks they are always there.

Let’s celebrate the fellowship. Other Halves, people that do care.

"Too many people face Dementia alone."

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