"Too many people face dementia alone."

Our Beliefs, Principles and Vision

Other Halves was founded in 2016 as a direct consequence of the situation Jackie found herself in caring for her partner who suffered from dementia. It's very much a regional based charity project with local people organising activities and supporting one another through this very cruel and heartbreaking disease.

Supportings can be those currently living with a relative who has dementia or now living alone. Anyone who has experienced living with dementia is welcome

We welcome people of all backgrounds, regardless of religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation but as a responsible group we reserve the right to exclude anyone whose behaviour poses a threat to the health and safety or wellbeing of others.

Although our activities and events are primarily for those people that care for those diagnosed with dementia, they are welcome to bring their loved one or partner along. However, Other Halves are unable to take responsibility for the care, support, health and safety, or supervision of a person with dementia.

Our ambition would be to set up groups like ours across a wider region. However, after consulting other agencies we have reluctantly recognised that our size and facilities are best focused on serving Mid-Essex. That said, the experience we have gained setting up and operating Other Halves allows us to work in an Advisory capacity for those interested in creating similar groups. Please feel free to contact us if you need some help or guidance.

Safeguarding Policy

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