"We can get through difficult times together with our partners and others who understand."

We're Other Halves, and we bring dementia carers together.

We provide contact for those close to loved ones with dementia, to share experiences and to support one another. The group itself, founded in 2016, was born out of personal experience of the founder member that you can read more about on this site, along with the thoughts of other carers. We are a regional project covering Mid-Essex with local people organising activities and supporting one another. Gathering weekly to experience the joy in life and to be with others who understand the challenges of dementia. We help each other to be ourselves and not 'just a carer'. Our supporters stay connected through an online group chat and we plan our activities and events together. Dementia is, on its own, a terrible disease for those afflicted with it but arguably more so for those that have to care for them.

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Our July 2024 events are now available to see.

Look out for more details about the Garden Party and Maldon Zoo visit
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